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Sales & Marketing Features

Online Booking Form

Integrate our enquiry form onto your venue's website and get each new lead directly into the Sonas inbox. Sonas will automatically capture and populate data on each lead.

Online Viewing Bookings

Define your staff availability and allow customers to directly book their viewings on your website. Forget about integrating with 3rd parties, it can be done natively in Sonas.

Email Campaigns

Our direct integration with Sparkpost allows your venue to send out bulk marketing emails to leads or an existing clientbase. Optimise your marketing campaigns within Sonas using Sparkpost's detailed analytics reports on your email's delivery, opening and click rate.

Lead Tracking

Easily track your leads and progress them through the sales journey from initial enquiry to confirmed event. Sonas lets you diarise new appointments, meetings and show arounds with your potential clients. You can also add notes to each entry.

sonas lead management illustration

Business Analytics

Quickly identify business trends using enquiries and booking data in Sonas. Run one of our advanced reports such as a multi-venue breakdown or a year on year growth or build your own customisable report. Choose from Line, Bar, Pie, Radar and make charts on the fly using metrics like location, margin, volume, etc.

Surveys/Feedback Tools

Run surveys through Sonas to gather feedback on your recent events. Use our set and forget survey automation to effortlessly capture client testimonials and UGC (User Generated Content).

sonas feedback illustration

Conversion Tracking

Who's bringing you the most valuable weddings? We keep track of the source of your customers so you don't have to. You can easily set up your Google Analytics account to track who has completed the form and we will track any UTM tags present so you can later report on them.

Conversion tracking illustration