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Making Every Wedding Perfect

Our Story

How Sonas got started

Back in 2014 Emmet Hannan was looking for software to help him run his multi-venue events business. Everything he found was either poorly built or only covered part of what his business needed. Then, over a family dinner in Ireland it was suggested he should talk to his nephew Mark, an experienced developer. One year later Mark had built an events management software with a special focus on weddings. It was named Sonas which means “happiness & good fortune” in Irish.

Since then Mark and co-founder Richard have expanded the company and evolved the software into one of the most complete wedding management solutions on the market. It is relied on by venues across both the UK and Ireland to ensure each and every wedding runs like clockwork.

Our Mission

Filling a Gap in the market

There are a lot of generic event management apps out there and a long list of wedding planner tools for couples. But very few of them focus on the venue's needs and almost none of them were built hand in hand with wedding venue owners. This is where Sonas finds its purpose.

Our goal is to create an ever more powerful solution for wedding venues. One that helps lighten the load through smart automations, that keeps staff and tasks synchronized and that unifies all communications in one place be they with suppliers, couples or team members. We want to make complex wedding planning simple. And we want to make every wedding perfect.


Meet the team that makes Sonas what it is.

Holly Anagnostopoulos Profile

Holly Anagnostopoulos

Customer Success Manager
Antonio Castelli Profile

Antonio Castelli

Senior Developer
Emmet Hannan Profile

Emmet Hannan

Business Development
Pierre Larose Profile

Pierre Larose

Marketing Director
Robin Longman Profile

Robin Longman

Sales & Business Development Manager
Mark Lynch Profile

Mark Lynch

Co-Founder & Technical Director
Richard Lynch Profile

Richard Lynch

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Ana Zdravković Profile

Ana Zdravković

Graphic Designer

Support Received

This Project was supported by the Local Enterprise Office Limerick through co-founding from the Irish Government and the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020. The project contributes to the SME support, promotion and capability development theme of the ERDF co-funded programme.

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