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Couple Management Features

Customer Planning Portal

Delight your customers with an extensive Planning Portal of their own to organise their special day in unison with your venue. Clients can manage the guestlist, make menu choices, book tastings, view their payment schedule and even make a payment or drop you a message via their Sonas inbox.

Client Management / CRM

Manage new leads as they arrive into your venue's personalised Sonas inbox. Monitor the sales process from initial lead, through to booking. Record meetings and show arounds of your venue, adding in sales notes as you go. Sonas will also send out automated reminders for your upcoming client appointments.

CRM illustration

Email & Task Management

Sonas inbox is an integrated email management system for your venue. It's like email but supercharged with task management features to plan weddings better.

email management screenshot

Online Contracts

Send out your venue's terms and conditions electronically to save time, paper and hassle. Sonas can ensure that the client agrees to your terms in order to officially confirm the event and start the wedding planning process.


Plan and schedule tastings inside our app. We make it easy for you to set up tastings and couples can book themselves in through the portal and choose the food & wine they'd like to try. It even syncs automatically to your calendar.

Tastings illustration