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All Features

Here's a comprehensive list of all the amazing things Sonas can do for you.


Direct Marketing
➫ Our direct integration with Sparkpost allows your venue to send out bulk marketing emails to leads or an existing clientbase.
Lead Tracking
➫ Easily track your leads and progress them through the sales journey from initial enquiry to confirmed event.
Business Analytics
➫ Quickly identify business trends using enquiries and booking data in Sonas.
Surveys/Feedback Tools
➫ Run surveys through Sonas to gather feedback on your recent events.
Online Booking Form (New)
➫ Integrate our enquiry form onto your venue’s website and get each new lead directly into the Sonas inbox.
Online Viewing Bookings (New)
➫ Define your staff availability and allow customers to directly book their viewings on your website.


Finance Management
➫ Generate invoices straight from Sonas and email them to your client with a single click.
Card Processing
➫ Process online card payments via our Stripe integration.
Payment Plans
➫ Set up preferential payment plan templates for all your venues and Sonas will auto-calculate the deposits and percentages owed for every event.
Invoice Management Using Templates
➫ Use customisable templates to send detailed invoices showing a complete breakdown of their wedding package.

 Supplier Management

Supplier Management and Third Party Bookings
➫ Manage in-house services and external suppliers straight from the Sonas portal.
Document Uploads
➫ Forget emails, use Sonas’ shared portals to house all supplier paperwork.

 Customer Management

Client Portal
➫ Delight clients with an extensive portal of their own to plan their special day in unison with your venue.
Guest, Table and Seating Management
➫ Coordinate the wedding guestlist, table plans and seating arrangements simultaneously with your clients.
Event Timeline Management (New)
➫ Plan out the timeline of events at each wedding to ensure that nothing gets missed.
Event Space
➫ Upload your venue’s floor plans and pre plan the room layouts and desired furniture for each event.
Complete Catering Solution
➫ Plan bespoke menus for each event.
Client management / CRM
➫ Manage new leads as they arrive into your venue’s personalised Sonas inbox.
Online Contracts
➫ Send out your venue’s terms and conditions electronically to save time, paper and hassle.

 Sonas Integrations

Email Management
➫ Sonas provides a completely integrated email management system for every venue through Postmark.
Calendar Management (New)
➫ Sonas’ has its own integrated calendar which will automatically diarise all planned meetings and events at your venue.
Xero, Stripe & Sparkpost
➫ Sonas has direct integrations with Stripe card payments, Xero accounting software and Sparkpost for direct marketing.
More Integrations (Coming Soon)
➫ We are currently working on many more integrations.


➫ All data over the wire is encrypted by SSL TLS 1.3. Both between client and our application server and also between our application server and the database. It is also encrypted at rest.
Redundancy / Fault Resilience
➫ The Sonas database is located in the main Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Centre in Europe (eu-west-1). It consists of a three node, high availability cluster, meaning that should any node fail, two others are waiting to take over. As well as this, each of these servers is located in a different Availability Zone which means it has its own redundant power & networking and is housed in a separate facility, so should anything happen to one, the others will take over, ensuring uninterrupted access to your data.
Regular Backups
➫ We backup all the data several times a day meaning the backed-up data is never more than a few hours behind the live data.
Two Factor Authentication
➫ Sonas has two levels of TFA available. By default we will notify you by email when you login from a new location. You can also choose to increase security by requiring a verification link to be clicked in the email before login is allowed from the new location.

 Other Features

➫ Easily set up templates for standardised invoicing, automated emails and reminders for your clients.
Unlimited Users and Events
➫ Unlike other event management apps, Sonas is a fully inclusive system with no limits on users or number of events.
Custom User Roles
➫ Set up your staff with the right level of user access based on their job role and responsibilities
Easy to use
➫ Sonas is designed for both the venue and its customers to manage the whole wedding planning process with ease.
Modern Design
➫ Sonas’ has modern design and clear layout, designed to make it user friendly for all of the staff members using the system.
Onboarding Help
➫ Our customer support team will guide you through the initial set up process until you are ready to go live with your event planning. Account managers are always available whenever you need them.
No Lock-in
➫ There is no minimum term contract required for Sonas customers. Cancel any time.
Cloud Based
➫ Sonas is a secure cloud based software which allows for greater flexibility for your staff to work from a computer, tablet or mobile and an increased level of security for your business.
Works in any Time Zone or with any Currency
➫ Sonas allows you to customise time zones and currencies allowing for full functionality in your venues around the world.
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