Security Illustration

Security Features


All data over the wire is encrypted by SSL TLS 1.3. Both between client and our application server and also between our application server and the database. It is also encrypted at rest.

99.9% Uptime

With our exceptional uptime and reliable servers, all of our clients enjoy an uninterrupted and stable experience. We know that event management is time-sensitive and venues are busy places. That's why we invest in best in class technology to make sure Sonas always runs smoothly without any frustrating disruptions.

Regular Backups

We backup all the data several times a day meaning the backed-up data is never more than a few hours behind the live data.

Two Factor Authentication

Sonas has two levels of 2FA available. By default we will notify you by email when you login from a new device. You can also choose to increase security by requiring a verification link to be clicked in the email before login is allowed from the new device.